Lawn Memorials

Lawn Memorials

Master craftsman quality carving creates a stunning stone memorial.

Rounded edges and cross effect.

Honed rather than polished and with rounded edges to give a cross effect memorial.

A memorial featuring a deeper ogee and carved dove of peace.

A churchyard style memorial of the highest quality incorporating a hand carved daffodil.

Gothic style with raised face.

Deep sandblast carved Daisies on the headstone with a planting trough for live flowers in the base.

Base provides an optional place for flowers.

This fine, light grey granite is a perfect contrast to the dark highlighted pin line.

A shallow Gothic shaped memorial with chamfers and hand carved design.

This attractive yellow sandstone has a natural pitched edge and margin.

This grey sandstone has a moulded profile around the edge.

This attractive hand carved panel follows the multi shaped top.

A fully worked book with caved rose and dove above.

An Angel overlooking a book.

Double rebates and a hand carved wild rose panel together create an elegant memorial.

Hand carved wild roses in each shoulder.

A traditional Boulder style memorial.

Bronze praying hands decorate the top corner of this memorial. Chamfered base.

A highlighted ornament of a wild flower bouquet. Chamfered base.

"Morning by the Lake". Many favourite locations or scenes can be added by our highly skilled artists. Centre splay base.

A bronze rose complements the reflective Galaxy granite.

The individual markings on this blue granite mean no two are ever identical. Base shaped to match top of headstone.

Rounded sides with chamfers. Centre splay base.

Shaped sides and chamfers. Shaped base.

A modern design with hand tooled rebates flowing down the left edge.

A distinctive and unusual coloured granite.

Polished rebates run down the side of this memorial.

This rich green granite has a striking maroon vein.

A contrasting moulded edge.

A fully polished moulding on both headstone and base on this delicate pink granite.

A polished moulding adds emphasis to the inscription area.

Sandblast etched rose and double border.

Flint grey granite gives fine contrast to the delicate white rose with elegant pin line.

The rose design at the shoulder is highlighted with pure gold leaf.

Warwick Grey grainite with a complementary individual inscription colouring.

The area above the inscription is recessed leaving a central raised heart with colour painted violets.

The highly individual markings are unique to each piece of this granite, any flower or design can be added.

A traditional churchyard shaped top and base.

Shown in attractive Jade Green Granite with a gilded inscription.

Traditional churchyard top with chamfers.

A pin line accentuates the classic lines of this memorial. Shown with bow front base.

The scotia shaping on the shoulder is reflected on the base.

Emerald pearl granite is an unusual variation on the more common Blue Pearl.

Please ask about the personalised memorials we are able to offer, reflecting the sport or hobby of a loved one.

With a scroll on the face for an inscription.

A star cross and rose design.

Dense Black Granite with beautifully hand painted Lily, any flower can be depicted.

One of many beautiful hand etched scenes that can be added to any memorial, just ask for details.

An offset peon top with single rose ornament climbing up the side.

Roses or any other flower can be included in this sandblasted panel.

An attractive deep brown granite with plain pin line.

A square top and church window ornament.

An ogee top with church window and bible.

Any figure or ornament of this high quality can be added to any memorial.

Deep rich Ruby Red Granite with ogee top and rounded shoulders With matching corners on base.

Any ornament can be added to this memorial with a side vase.

Skilled crafsmen etch a depiction of the Last Supper, however any design can be specified.

A high quality detailed Angel ornament.

A beautifully etched dove top centre.

Half ogee top with a stained glass window in the top left shoulder.

Natural pitched edge and bronze cross.

A traditional Boulder style memorial.

A traditional Celtic wheel style headstone cross.

A gothic shaped headstone with natural rustic edges and rebate.

A rustic margin follows the check shaped shoulder.

A natural rustic edge with matching margin.

The margins and hand carved roses together frame the inscription area.

Coloured highlight emphasise these spring daffodils.

Hand carved daffodils with natural carved finish.

Natural carved roses and natural rock pitched edge.

Craftsman carved and highlighted roses either side of a latin cross.

The hand carved roses have been highlighted to contrast the natural rock pitched edge.

These carved roses are left unhighlighted.

Two hand carved dolphins and a wave.

A woodland feel as this headstone has a carved tree over the inscription face.

The densest black granite provides a high contrast to the delicate white highlighting on the hand carved roses.

A bold handcarved sunflower enliven this unique design.

A relief carved and highlighted dove on a deep ogee.

Natural rock pitched edges give a rustic look to this memorial. With black painted inscription.

Deep carved and highlighted roses follow the gothic shape.

Hand carved and highlighted lilies sit as if placed on the shoulders.

The inscription here is left polished with the background sandblasted to give a maintenance free inscription.

Hand Carved "Our Lady" praying figure.

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