Restoration & Repair Service

Lasting Tributes

The creation of a memorial is meant as a lasting tribute to a loved one, but stone, just like any other material does eventually weather when exposed to the elements.


Recognising the importance of keeping your memorial in the best possible condition, E T Sheppard offers a restoration and repair service that complements its Grave Tending and Headstone Service.


The Restoration Team will liaise with the churchyard or cemetery on your behalf, arranging for the removal and installation once complete.


Service options include: repair, re-lettering, the addition of new inscriptions, and cleaning.


E T Sheppard has an Accredited NAMM Fixer, and all new and renovated stones are fixed according to the current British Standard approved by NAMM & BRAMM (British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons).

BRAMM LogoE T Sheppard is an Accredited member of the National Association of Memorial Masons

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