Monumental Stone Masonry

Monumental stone masonry is a hands-on, intricate craft that requires knowledge of the different types of stone and the ability to perform a variety of techniques such as carving, sculpturing, and sandblasting.

E T Sheppard’s dedicated mason is an experienced artist and stone mason who specialises in carving and lettering, and is supported by the A F Jones (sister company) team of masons.

Carving and sculpting

Our masons use their artistic ability to carve stone into foliage, animals and abstract designs, creating a unique and lasting tribute.


E T Sheppard specialises in the traditional skill of hand carved lettering, but also offers a modern alternative that enables them to produce many different font styles for you to choose from.

CNC Technology

The latest CNC technology is used to assist the masons in the production of cost effective, intricate carving and engravings that are then finished by hand to ensure the highest quality.

ET Sheppard is a sister company of

AF Jones

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