Traditional Kerb Sets

Traditional Kerb Sets

The classic headstone and kerb memorial, the corner posts are often bored for a flower container.

This kerb memorial has a highlighted ribbon and wild flower ornament.

4" kerbs and attractive peon top posts, there is room on the chamfer of the kerb for an inscription.

Magnificent balmoral red granite with a double vase in the centre.

A truly magnificent combination of individual shape colour and carving. This carving could also be incorporated in a more traditional shape.

The gilded Ivy above the fully worked book on this green granite signifies fidelity.

A raised pedestal heart is reflected in the unusual foot end to this spectacular memorial.

Barley twist columns historically date back to the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and signify wisdom.

Rising steps to the Headstone give grandeur to this memorial.

The heart cut out in the top centre allows placing of a marble dove.

Vase at the head end and lettering tablet at the foot.

This unusual shaped headstone has a dipped centre and double check shoulders.

A blue pearl heart with sandblasted Rose ornament, a cover slab covers the kerb area.

A book memorial on top of full length kerbs, any kerb memorial can be personalised to incorporate slabs or vases.

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