Catalogue of Choices

  • Dense Black Granite HS 27" x 21" x 3" Base 3" x 24" x 12" Bronze praying hands decorate the top corner of this memorial. Chamfered base.
  • Star Galaxy HS 30" x 28" x 4" Base 4" x 30" x 12" A modern design with hand tooled rebates flowing down the left edge.
  • Dense Black Granite The classic headstone and kerb memorial, the corner posts are often bored for a flower container.
  • Avon Grey Granite 30" high : 78" x 30" overall This kerb memorial has a highlighted ribbon and wild flower ornament.
  • Alpine Brown Granite 78" x 30" overall 4" kerbs and attractive peon top posts, there is room on the chamfer of the kerb for an inscription.
  • Balmoral Red Granite 36" high x 84" x 36" overall (7 feet x 3 feet) Magnificent Balmoral Red granite with a double vase in the centre.
  • English Teak Granite 3'4" high : 6'6" x 2'6" overall A truly magnificent combination of individual shape, colour and carving. This carving could also be incorporated in a more traditional shape.
  • Jade Green Granite 36" high : 78" x 30" overall The gilded Ivy above the fully worked book on this green granite signifies fidelity
  • Ruby Red Granite 30" high : 78" x 30" overall A raised pedestal heart is reflected in the unusual foot end to this spectacular memorial
  • Dense Black Granite 36" high x 78" x 30" overall Barley twist columns historically date back to the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and signify wisdom
  • Bahama Blue Granite 36" high x 78" x 30" overall Shown with a Bronze Crucifix.
  • Warwick Grey Granite 3'0" high : 6'6" x 2'6" overall Rising steps to the Headstone give grandeur to this memorial.


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