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After Care

E T Sheppard recognises that after the memorial has been fixed in the burial ground attending it may not be as easy as it sounds. Whether it’s for health reasons or your proximity to the grave, it is not always possible to visit as frequently as you might like.

Designed to offer you the support you need and ensure that your memorial receives the attention that it requires, E T Sheppard offers a grave tending service; giving you the peace of mind that the stone is being cared for.

The service would include:

  • A light clean of the memorial and pots
  • Removal of plant and leaf litter
  • Trimming and edging of the grass
  • A light prune of shrubs and bushes

In addition, before and after pictures are provided, along with a report to update you on the condition of your memorial.

This may include some advisories such as: levelling and straightening work due to sinkage, which sometimes occurs due to unstable ground; or optional restoration e.g.: repainting lettering due to fading, caused by the passage of time.

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