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The majority of people are surprised by the number of restrictions that exist surrounding the different regulations governing all burial grounds.

Local authorities and churchyards charge a fee for the right to erect a memorial. This fee covers administration costs and cemetery/churchyard upkeep etc.

Fees vary from council to council and type of work that is being carried out. E T Sheppard will liaise on your behalf with the relevant churchyard or local authority.

There is no extra charge for this service.

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Procedure & Payment

This page gives additional information relating to an order from our FOUNDATION RANGE

Once you have chosen your shape; stone type; font; colour of lettering and included your Inscription details, added your items to your cart and confirmed your purchase, you will be able to make a payment.  This should be no less than 45% of the total. You may also pay in full if you wish to do so. However, the appropriate Churchyard/Cemetery/Burial Ground Fee will be confirmed and invoiced at a later date.

Payment may be made via the payment platform on our website, by card over the telephone or you may send a cheque to our office at 36 Reading Road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon RG9 1AG – the cheque should be made payable to E T SHEPPARD.

When a deposit/payment has been received you will be sent the following paperwork by post or email.

  1. Order confirmation letter.
  2. A Permit application form to be completed by the Grave Owner (if necessary)
  3. One scaled layout showing how the inscription will appear on the stone.

You will then check all the paperwork, sign and return those that are required to E T SHEPPARD.

Upon receipt of your signed paperwork we will then submit the permit application form onto the appropriate local authority/Churchyard for approval.

When approval has been received the stone will be ordered.

When we receive the memorial we will contact you for the final payment (including the Churchyard/Cemetery Fee) and the stone will be fixed in the Churchyard/Cemetery/Burial Ground approximately 2-4 weeks later.

The whole process from start to finish is normally 12-14 weeks.

Please feel free to telephone us on 01491 574644 or email vici@etsheppard with any queries you may have, at any time during the processing of your order.

Terms & Conditions

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